Bright Station Ventures

Free range thinking

Bright Station Ventures (BSV) is the incubator behind all of the Bright Station team's initiatives from eCommerce (Venda - Enterprise level & Powa - SME's) to Search (Locayta) to media publishing (Aigua Media).

The philosophy behind it is that by creating businesses from scratch, the greatest value can be created on invested capital and resource.

This rationale has been applied successfully in previous businesses and is now the blueprint for all future successful endeavours.

Business Investment Phases

Phase I
Phase II
Start-up & investment
Phase III
Phase IV
What Internally-generated new concept to prove Bring in the best management team to execute concept Agressive growth Planned since Phase I
How Leverage proprietary technology to speed up development Launch commercial version
Traffic building
Cross selling
Business model execution
Traffic generation
Revenue build-up acceleration
JV with strategic partners
Trade sale
Estimated Funding £50-150k £1-5 million £1-5 million
Estimated Duration 0-3 months 3-18 months 18-24 months 30-48 months from Phase I

As an investment idea is developed by the Bright Station team, nominal funding is provided to develop the project scope (Phase 1). These new ventures are then developed by matching the best management team that can be found to build on the concept (Phase 2).

Company Details

Bright Station Limited

Heron Tower, 35th Floor
110 Bishopsgate

Management Team:

  • Dan Wagner - Chairman

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Company Details

Bright Station Ventures Limited

Heron Tower, 35th Floor
110 Bishopsgate