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Bright Station is a technology company focused on innovating in web based technologies and services. It is Dan Wagner's personal vehicle for the creation of his businesses and is essentially an Internet and eCommerce technology holding company.

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Founded by Dan Wagner and supported by a team of impressive technology entrepreneurs. Bright Station is the holding company that has created a number of World market leaders including MAID and Venda and is characterised by Bright Station Ventures and Bright Station Foundation.

Bright Station Ventures - free range thinking

Bright Station Ventures is the incubator behind all of the Bright Station team's initiatives from eCommerce (Venda - Enterprise level & Powa - SME's) to Search (Locayta) to media publishing (Aigua Media).

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Bright Station Foundation - business for social profit

Bright Station Foundation is passionate about using business for social and environmental change embracing the same entrepreneurial and innovative culture as the rest of the Bright Station group.

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Bright Station Ventures Limited

Heron Tower, 35th Floor
110 Bishopsgate