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In 2011, Dan Wagner founded BuyaPowa with Gideon Lask, the current CEO. BuyaPowa is Europe’s leading referral marketing platform turbo-charging customer acquisition for leading brands and retailers. BuyaPowa helps retailers amplify their customers’ network, turning chatter into actual transactions.

Retailers find acquiring new online shoppers difficult and expensive but social media is seen as having the potential to change that. BuyaPowa helps retailers to acquire new customers by allowing them to encourage and reward their customers for getting their friends to shop too. The BuyaPowa customer referral platform plugs straight into a client´s existing website and tracks how and when their customers refer their friends and rewards them accordingly. BuyaPowa helps retailers identify their key advocates and then motivates them into action.


BuyaPowa harnesses the power of co-buying to bring you the products you want at the price you want to pay.

No longer should you be limited to the products and prices you find on the shelf. We are big believers in putting the power back into the hands of the buyer.

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