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Powa Technologies Group plc





In 2007 Dan founded Powa Technologies, to deliver transformative technology at the nexus of retail and mobility.  PowaPOS designed, manufactured and delivered payment hardware solutions at the leading edge of innovation; PowaWeb developed and operated several hundred global eCommerce sites from the Cloud. PowaTag bridged the gap between physical and digital retail, by allowing consumers to “scan & tap” to purchase goods and services from any media – print, outdoor, video and “live” venues.

Under Wagner’s leadership Powa built one of the most visionary and exciting “omni-channel” platforms for retail with PowaTag. In early 2016, Ben White, a newly appointed board director conspired with Wellington Management, a large investor in Powa, and others to divert the value of the business to their own pockets. Their attempts ultimately failed due to the tenacity and resourcefulness of the board of directors but not before they destroyed all the value in the business and cost hundreds of people their jobs.


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